How emulator is working ?
For Safety reasons our Emulator generated and send the same signal to airbagmodule as occupied seat

Does the Airbag will deploy ?

- In case of accident  the airbag will deploy even without presence of Passenger

How easy is installation ?
Most  of our emulators are equiped with original connector, Plug&Play 

Can I complete installation myself ?
YES- Installation take less than 5 minutes 

Do i  need erased fault codes after installation?
Is depending make and model of the vehicle - ( BMW and some of Mercedes  reqired reset)

What about seat belt light ?
We sell our emulator as set with seat belt simulators

How Can i pay for my order ?
Please see payment option's

Can I buy your emulator of eBay ?
Yes  You Can ,
we have eBay account but we quick Ebay because there is a lot of copies / fake products and we don't like to be identified with that kind of safety devices.

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