MAZDA 6 Passeger Airbag Seat Occupancy Sensor emulator - bypass

Mazda 6 - flashing code 47,48,49, seat occupancy sensor bypass

Product information

MAZDA 6 -  first generation 2002-2008 

Passenger Airbag seat occupancy/occupied
Seat Pad Sensor 


Product Features:

SAVE up to 50 EUR on installation cost with our emulator  equipped with original Mazda Plug

  • Plug&Play - Don't need reset - installation take less than 2 minutes - watch video below 
  • Fully tested on  Original Mazda Airbag System Installation.
  • Seat Occupied - Airbag Enabled
  • Each unit have unique number and warranty.
  • QC passed.
  • Made by professional   company from highest quality components aproven for automotive aplications
  • VAT invoice
  • After sale support :  phone , e-mail, or live chat on our website
Installation  Video 

IF  You are not sure whitch of our emulator's is compatiable with your vehicle
 please fill in the
contact form  or send  e-mail to 


Don't delay repair —You may not be properly protected in the case of an accident  or collision.

If the SRS or Airbag  light is blinking or stays on, take it seriously. There is a fault condition and the vehicle safety systems are compromised, putting you and your passengers at risk.


Important Safety Note :
Be aware of  Chinese copy of our emulator's  sold as EU  manufactured products
or devices produced- sells by individuals,
who are NOT qualified to do so
and have no Knowledge about Airbag Systems in vehicles
as this is against law and endangers You and or Your passengers!!

Your Safety is Our Priority !


Technical specifications

Condition New

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Thank you for saving me £550 approx. which is what I was quoted by my local Mazda dealer to sort out my passenger seat airbag sensor problem. However one of the tech's did mention (unofficially) that there was a box available that could bypass the sensor, and still allow the warning light to function correctly for the M.O.T. which when I went looking on line, and was fortunate enough to come across your product. Which I purchased and fitted and got my poor old car through another test. So thank you very much, I will recommend you to anyone I hear of who has a similar problem.

Yours Sincerely Bob

Bob | | August 2014

Very good communication super fast delivery and a great item that's so easy just plug in and play 30 seconds is all it takes well recommended everytime

Rob | Blackpool | July 2013

5 stars! Annoying code 4 8 gone in a few minutes of ''work''. And awesome fast delivery to Finland!

Tero | Finland | March 2013

thanks for d product /i was annoyed by this problem for about year and half and i am delighted wit it easy 2 install and quick postage i cant reccommed your company high enough and i will b telling everyone about this excellent product /quick postage does exactly what it says

thanks again

oliver kenny | limerick ireland | March 2013

best customer service i ever deal with!!

excellent product,in 2 minutes save me 350£ 5 Star

michael | uk | March 2013

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