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To avoid mistakes and assure that You have ordered correct device for Your car - please fully read description.

Mercedez - Benz Front Seat Occupancy/ occupied
 Sensor emulator - bypass
   Make: Mercedes -Benz   
 Model / Class :    C Class 
         Manufaturing Year's :   1995-2000  
 Chassis/variant  * wdb 202 all engine variants

* number WDB202 are the first digits of vin / chassis number

Helpfull link that explains *202 body/chassis

Additional detail's: 
 Equipped with 3 wire sensor 
brown red white wire on the male side / sensor side    female side have different colour coding )

Older version of the C class could be equipped with 2 wire sensor. 
2 wire sensor pic.
 Mercedes front passenger Seat Occupancy Sensor  emulator:


  •  Fully tested using  Original Airbag System installation. 
  •  Airbag360 modules are covered with lifetime warranty.
  •  For easy installation Airbag360 emulators are equipped with  genuine  connectors.
  • No risk connecting wrong  
  • Installation of our modules  can be completed  by everyone without extra cost. 
  • Seat Occupied - Airbag's Enabled
  • QC passed.
  • Made by professional company from highest quality components aproven for automotive aplications.
  • VAT invoice on request
  • After sale support : phone , e-mail, or live chat on our website
  • 30 days money back Guarantee
  • Airbag360 emulators are ready to use -  programmed to meet specification of airbag control unit installed in your vehicle .              
  • There is no need to select program or solder jumpers .


                                    No Confusions and is safe to use !

How  Airbag360  module works ?


For Safety reasons Airbag360 Emulator generated and send the same signal to airbag control module as occupied seat

- In case of accident  the airbag will deploy even without presence of Passenger.

With our emulator installed Passenger Airbag will be Activated  at all Time's !

Is nothing to worried as many cars dont have occupancy sensors and their airbag's are pernamently activated.

We Advice that rear-facing child seat's not to be transported on front seat in your vehicle  when emulator is in use. 

Differences between original sensor and emulator.

1.Original sensor will deactivated airbag when seat is not occupied.

With emulator fitted passenger airbag will be activated regadless there is passenger or not .

2.Pricewise 300$ - 600$ plus labour vs 80 $ ( labour not required  , seat dont need to be striped down)

Seat Occupied - Airbag's Enabled 

High quality products & services to satisfy customers needs.  

Prior to buying Airbag360 passenger occupancy sensor emulator make sure Your car was correctly diagnosed.  
Airbag light illuminating on the dash or and message on the screen
regarding  malfunction of  restraint system are  not diagnose.
 Restraint system contains many components. If any of them fails airbag light and message informing about malfunctions appears on the screen.
Properly done diagnose can be only done by connecting compatible scanner / diagnostic tool to the vehilce  and reading fault codes and  its description .
This will also save your time and money on trying unnecessary solutions.

 If You are not sure about fault codes  or its description  contact us and we will check them for You.
 Airbag360 emulator will only fix / resolve fault codes that are clearly indicates malfunction of the passenger seat  occupancy sensor.
 Any other remaining fault codes need to be resolved separately.
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UK Express post 2-3 working days - 11.25 Eur
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Registered insured airmail USPS 5-8 working days: 6.99 EUR 
UPS expedited 2-4 working days
Due to different delivery zones shipping cost  quotation  on request .
Estimated shipping cost via UPS :  22 USD - 25 USD 
Be aware of Chinese copy of our emulator's sold as EU manufactured products
or devices produced- sells by individuals,
who are NOT qualified to do so
and have no Knowledge about Airbag Systems in vehicles
 Installation of these devices in your vehicle Do Not Activating Airbags!
Only devices purchased from proven source can assure Your safety .
   Don't take a risk 
     Airbag360 is Best Choice.
Your Safety is Our Priority !

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